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You need video now!

Pictures speak a thousand words. We both know that. But did you know that video makes those words come to life? Engaging video is easier for the brain to assimilate, take in and remember. There are tons of commercials out there, but only a few stick out and actually engage the viewer. Some promos rely on cliches, others on comedy, but the best commercials really nail it from the first time you see them on TV or internet. If you own a business, provide a service or simply want your brand out there for people to shop and try, you need video NOW!

Video production isn't easy. But it shouldn't be difficult. What I mean by that is the actual filming of your product, whether its getting the angle right, the lighting, setting. Or filming your business, getting the best exterior, interior, employee shot; isn't easy! It takes a skilled videographer to really capture the essence of your message and what you are trying to sell. The least experienced crew will take hours upon hours to get the most shots and spend even more time cutting down the 'fat' in the post production process (editing).

In order to create your video for your business, Fairfield Video Group really wants to understand what makes your company tick, what makes your business shine and why people should use your services over a competitors service or product. Understanding this is the first step in making the production process seamless and what ultimately provides you with a great finished product.

The steps are simple. We meet with you to go over your objectives. We take in as much info as possible and digest it. We then set up a date to shoot. The rest is not difficult. Our years of production experience really helps deliver a polished message for your customer base.

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