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You are a visual creature!

When I prospect for business I usually get pushed away with a hundred and one excuses. I don’t have time, I have no budget, I already advertise on clipper magazine. Wait, clipper magazine? There are many obstacles I face when I approach new clients with video marketing. What I try to answer every single time well before I get resistance is: Why is video so vital to your business?

Seventy percent of marketers use it as a strategy to increase business. It is no surprise then, that the Krafts of the world, the Heinekens of the world and even your mom and pop store are using video to increase business!

But why is video marketing so effective?

From the time we are born there has been an echo of human voice dancing through our ears. This continues throughout life and it is easy to make an emotional connection to voice. The human voice conveys emotion.

We are visual creatures. Every one of our brains is hard-wired to trust a human face. Letters and paragraphs on your website don’t hold a candle to the power of a face conveying information that your customers need to see and hear in order to make a purchasing decision.

When we see a commercial on TV, the actor doesn’t just stand there like a robot. They more around! Movement captures people’s attention. Combine movement with a clever story line and awesome product and you will have clients banging at your door buying your merchandise and or services.

How can you use video to engage people? Well first off you need to educate your consumer as to why they absolutely need your product or service. What better way to educate them than video? You need to engage your audience and customer base through interesting and dynamic video content to teach them about your brand.

Promote and create a buzz around your event, your product, service or even cause! Video can take care of all of the promotion in: 30 seconds or even 1:00 minute.

Lastly, video entertains! Whether it makes you laugh, cry, think or scoff, video connects with your audience by conveying your personality and it helps your customers capture your message and remember your message way longer than just the use of print.

So, the next time you scratch your head and wonder how best to invest your marketing dollars make sure you realize the power of video and its effects.

Not sure where to start? Contact us and we will gladly meet with you to go over and outline your video marketing game plan anytime!

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