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Video streaming leads to data usage rise

Cell phones are virtually everywhere. Cell towers are popping up at menacing rates all over America. Whether you walk around the block, are at the doctors office waiting area, stand in line at the grocery store or even hang out with your family, the chances are high that someone somewhere will be watching some sort of video. The embarrassed smile after a sexy video, the yelp after a funny post, the look of contempt after a political ad flashes across the screens are all signs that people absolutely enjoy media and according to research people will continue to enjoy media on their phones more an more as the years go by.

Research has shown that an increase in mobile video streaming is driving a projected 720% rise in global data usage by 2021. 720%!

This will see the average person use 5.07 GB a month by 2021, up from the current 1.72 GB. Great news for phone carriers that charge per GB. And even greater news for video marketers such as FVG to continue to create informative video for the masses.

Mobile video streaming will see the biggest increase, with giffgaff predicting a rise from 0.58 GB a month to 2.85 GB in 2021.

All this data is more and more proof that the way consumers are inhaling content on their mobile phones is undergoing a drastic shift.

Other figures from the study:

  • web browsing is projected to rise from 0.29 GB a month in 2016 to 0.45 GB in 2021

  • audio streaming will rise from 0.07 GB to 0.20 GB

  • messaging will rise from 0.32 GB to 1.57 GB

So gear up America the videos will keep on coming!

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