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5 reasons you need videos now!

1. Kill 4 marketing birds with one video. By marketing birds we mean your marketing mix. You can easily take care of informing people of your Product, Price, Place and Promotion in one video! It's easy.

For starters, once you hire a production company like FVG that will go over your overall marketing strategy and push you can leave it to them to create a visually compelling story that will translate well with online or television viewers. They can, by default, film your 'place' meaning your business then focus on your 'product' or service after which they will zero in on your 'promotion' and 'price' meaning this months sale. See, simple.

2. The sharing potential marketing videos pose is obvious. So you have a nice HD video on your lap. Now what? Well unfortunately that is as far as some production companies are willing to go. Few take the extra leap into actually helping you get views on the finished product.

Fairfield Video Group will not only produce an online or cable ready spot, we will help you get eyeballs on your video. Eyeballs on your video will generate more people visiting your website which means more sales for you.

3. It's easy on the eyes. Face it, most of the human population learn by watching others do stuff. From the time we are born we look at our surroundings and learn from watching. There is no manual or words that we read when we are toddlers! So why not make it easy for your client base and teach them to shop at your store, use your products and or hire your business for their next endeavor!

When you post a video online and they watch it, they are learning what you can do for them, be it a service they need or a product they want to buy. So make it an easy decision for them. What better way to show them than to create a video showcasing all you have to offer.

4. Video is power food for your SEO. Remember Pac-Man? SEO is like pacman chomping up all the yellow morsels of information on the game called the internet. FEED IT!

After you feed your website with stuff SEO loves such as blogs, interesting keywords, fresh pictures, original descriptions about your business, you need to give it the main course: VIDEO. Only then will you reap the rewards of organic search coming your way.

5. Facebook and video are second cousins. Get it? Well, its a bit confusing, but stay with me here its the last reason.

You post video on your business page on Facebook. It gets clicked and by default its linked to YouTube.

The video voice over and graphics calls to action a visit to your website for more info. Your website has a social media link and also houses more videos that are linked to YouTube. Its a full circle. A family. Ok maybe distant cousins, you get the idea.

In conclusion. The five points above prove that VIDEO will not only kill your four marketing birds, but it will also inevitably share it on social media which is easy on the eyes, provide organic SEO to your website that will be also be ultimately seen on Facebook and your cousins.

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