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Where can my produced video be seen?

Video at one point was for advertisers that had big advertising budgets and could afford a big production and lots of slots on cable TV. With more and more businesses watching their advertising and marketing budget, being creative as to where and when their ads are seen is crucial.

We try to cover many of the questions we get asked during our informational session with clients. The question we often get asked is “where can people see my video”?

Fairfield Video Group works with your local cable provider to maximize your videos exposure!

The quick answer is: EVERYWHERE! But that still doesn’t really answer the question. Video has morphed into something that only giant companies could afford at one point in time to a readily available component of any small businesses marketing mix.

After we produce a video we can certainly upload onto Cable to be broadcast as a promo or commercial. But this isn’t the only medium people can take advantage of when thinking of reaching potential customers. Below are the many ways people can see the content we produce for your business.

TV: We can upload the HD video we produce for you to your local cable provider’s network.

WEBSITE: The video we produce can live on your landing page in order to help SEO ranking and get found online. *Adding a product or service video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%!

SOCIAL MEDIA: You can also post it on social media in order to show others what your business is about or what you provide as a service in order to attain views and likes to make your brand more popular and relevant.

YOUTUBE: The YouTube video can be placed in your YouTube channel which can gain traction and views. *You are 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if you have a video on your website. Since Google now owns YouTube, there has been a huge increase on how much videos affect your Search Rank!

EMAIL MARKETING: The same video can then be placed on your outgoing email blasts. *People are too busy to read long emails and blasts – send them a video instead! An intro email that includes a video gets a click-through increase rate of 96%!!

TEXT MESSAGING: The video can also be sent as a text via hyperlink to colleagues, family and friends. *People love watching videos on the go. 90% of mobile users watch video on their phone!

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