Persistence and Follow up is key to getting hired!

15% of the population in the US are considered to be natural born sales people. That leaves 85% of the population looking for employment elsewhere. But nothing stops anyone, anywhere from learning how to be an effective and successful sales person!

Fairfield Video Group is looking for great sales reps!

Fairfield Video Group screens many applications and resumes daily. We interview via phone, in person and virtually. The one factor that separates the best sales applicants from others is their persistence. This also goes for other positions that we fill whether its voice over, videographers, photographers, editors etc.

When someone sends a follow up email making sure we got their resume, reel, website; we immediately engage and respond. Why? Persistence and follow up are key factors that we feel determine their ultimate success at our company.

Out of all our hires our sales reps are screened the most, partly because they need to inhale our content and be able to present it to prospects in a seamless manner. They need to not only sell our services but also sell themselves. The client needs to trust them and see the value in what we offer.

Selling is not for everyone, but if you have that fire inside and want to work for a company that rewards all of its team members; don’t be shy, send us your resume.

And always follow up!

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