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5 Reasons to include Motion Graphics in your marketing!

Why should your company be using Motion Graphics in your marketing mix?

Fairfield Video Group is your go-to video marketing company. We create memorable videos with powerful music rounded off with intelligent voice overs. Although we are competitively priced, chances are your company doesn’t have the budget necessary to hire us to produce a commercial on a weekly basis. If you do, we are all ears!

All kidding aside, we know what it takes to run a tight ship. We know there is more than video marketing and exciting content on your mind and have a set budget.

With the power of transforming words and images adding voice over and music we can create separate, more affordable, videos using graphics. Enter motion graphics. Here are five reasons to include motion graphics in your marketing.

  1. With motion graphics there are countless ways we can incorporate your brand in your content. We are pros at creating memorable brand messaging all while keeping costs down.

  2. It makes something boring into something exciting! People are impatient! When a 1000 word blog post doesn’t cut it, you need a video that takes words and turns it into viewing gold.

  3. Higher retention and engagement. 65A% of viewers wathc more than ¾ of a video which isway more than text-based content. So if you have a point to get across motion graphics and video is definitely the way to go.

  4. It is shareable. More than 50% of users watch videos using their smartphones or tablets and motion graphics is content that can be played by any device unlike flash video.

  5. BIG return on your investment. Provide your customers with DATA not OPINION! Motion graphics lets you boil down complex data into big picture stories and fun insights that people can consume and apply to their own lives.

Our explainer video/ motion graphics packages start at $349! Call us today to get started!

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