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What did you SAY?

Here’s a quick fact: Did you know that 85% of Facebook video is viewed without sound?

So wait, you have to engage within 10 seconds and people probably won’t even bother to raise their monitors volume button to hear music or voice over in the 10 second window of viewership?

How is that ever going to work? You might ask. Well we have the answer.

You see our team at Fairfield Video Group has been creating promos for a while. And we know how to not only engage your viewers within the first 10 seconds, but using creative motion graphics and text we simply tell the viewer what there are watching!

Seems simple enough right? Well it gets tricky when there is a company that absolutely needs to get a tailored message across to the masses. So then what?

Sometimes less is more, so our thinking is; give the viewer a taste and hold back. We tease the viewer with either a provocative image evoking consumer psyche or a BOLD statement, right from the start of the commercial.

This way we engage within 2 seconds and viewers are intrigued to continue watching.

Most of these commercials are so effective we have seen people immediately go from YouTube video to website browsing within: 25 seconds. This is HUGE.

Imagine you engage your viewer so much that they actually purchase your product, service offline because of a video? It is possible and it is proven.

See our blog “Get 64% more purchases than your competition” to see what you need to do today to create your video.

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